“I’m very happy to report that my son took paper 4 of the real ACT testing book and scored a perfect score today !!

75/75, 60/60, 40/40 and 40/40 !

He used all your guidance and advice on the comprehension, highlighting the relevant parts and I noticed a different approach…Thank you for all your help so far…Again, really excited to see his score and wanted to share it with you.” – Parent


“Hi Robert,

I just checked my scores for the SAT and they were

Reading 750

Math 770

Writing 770

Thank you so much for your help!”

– Student


“Over the course of a month in August Robert and I met in his office multiple times to improve my reading and writing scores on the SAT. Robert was friendly and provided specific improvement ideas for both reading and writing. Not only did he make sure I clearly understood the process to solving a problem, but he also provided notes on what we covered during the previous session in order to supplement my understanding of the material. We also went over some of the practice tests I had taken before meeting with him, and he gave me helpful tips to find the correct answer. I used many of his ideas on the later tests which helped improve my time efficiency and strategies for various types of questions. In the later practice tests, my scores were over 700 in each category over a short period of time.”
– Student


“Hi Robert,

Just received my ACT scores. I got a 34 composite. I will attach the screenshot of the score report. Thanks for all your help.”

– Student


“My son liked working with you and the lessons improved his much needed confidence. Thank you very much for your excellent support.”

– Parent


“Thank you Robert! I appreciate all your help to my son, who really enjoys your lessons very much.” – Parent


“By the way, you will be happy to know that my son is progressing well thanks to your guidance. I gave him an ACT test yesterday and he scored a 29 [up from a 23 and before that an 18]. Thank you so much for all you are helping him with. Good to see the progress…thanks once more Robert.” – Parent


“Thank you very much for everything! My daughter truly enjoys studying with you very much!” – Parent


“Robert was absolutely helpful and very attuned to my son’s needs. Both my son and I endorse his SAT tutoring!” – Parent


“Thanks a mill Robert ! Most importantly , Thanks for helping my son ……..! I’ve told a few friends about your outstanding SAT services.” – Parent


“Robert really helped me prepare for the SAT! His strategies were extremely useful and he helped me recognize recurring patterns on the test and significantly improve my performance as a result.” – Student


“Robert’s feedback has been extremely useful. He really pays attention to details, which is great.” – Student


“Robert is great. He really cares about teaching. He is also incredibly helpful and makes himself available to assist students always.” – Student


“Robert is very enthusiastic and helpful.” – Student


“Robert is an animating and encouraging presence. I love that he gives extensive, helpful feedback and that he is always happy to lend extra help.” – Student


“His feedback is very helpful with teaching students how to organize and communicate their ideas better, as well as getting them to think at a higher level.” -Student


“Awesome! Enthusiastic and engaging. He gives great feedback and is always accessible and friendly.” – Student


“Robert is a fantastic teaching fellow! He gave the best feedback I’ve ever had at Harvard and he was always available via email or in person. I honestly don’t see how he had time for it all. And to top it all off, I actually enjoyed going to section – and it was 9 o’clock in the morning. That’s saying A LOT.” – Student


“Overall, a great teaching fellow. Always eager to help and always makes a sincere effort. He provided very helpful and insightful feedback.” – Student


“Robert is the best teaching fellow I have had at Harvard.” – Student